“A local trusted installer of renewable energy in Essex”

solar panels essexMaking the most from the renewable energy we have available to us has always been at heart of our business. Generating electricity from solar panels is a good starting point but using that energy in the most efficient way is just as important. The governments feed in tariff incentive became more of a financial investment opportunity than an incentive to improve our homes energy efficiency, since it’s substantial reduction priority is now being given to self consumption and energy efficiency which is more inline with the reason we’re in business.


The Complete package

Air Source Heat Pump InstallationSpecialising in combining renewable energy installations to work together is fundamental to our approach. Whether it’s for a new build or refurbishment project being involved from the outset is essential to achieve the best final result. Generating renewable heat with an air or ground source heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a new home, generating the electrical energy to run the heat pump has got to make it even better.


The Future

Dunmow Solar Panels in EssexMaking full use of the energy being generated by solar PV is essential, whilst using it to power heat pumps and diverting any surplus to heat hot water through the hot water immersion helps there comes a time when battery storage becomes the best option. We’re a Tesla approved installer as we agree with their approach to energy efficiency and management.