Dimplex A Class – A Revolution in Heating Your Home

We were very exicited to be invited to one of Dimplex’s road show last week. The reason we were so excited? The new A Class air source heat pump was being unveiled.

Despite the fact that the this are of renewables is one of the fastest growing, plus the fact that there is huge potential for air source heat pumps to fundamentally change the way we heat our homes, there has not been a lot of development in this market recently.

Dimplex have changed all that with the new A Class. This is a heat pump designed specifically for the UK climate. Able to maintain it’s power output throughout our winters and provide the kind of efficientcy previously only seen in ground source heat pumps.

We believe this is a real game changer for the UK market. One of it’s great selling points is that it does what it says it does. Understanding air source heat pumps is not always straightforward. Despite the huge savings they can provide, customers are often put off because of the complexity of the technology. The A Class changes all this. It is now possible to specify and install a heat pump that is able to maintain it’s maximum output through a British winter.

The A Class is due to be launch late September/early October and Complete Renewables will be amongst the first to be registered and qualified installers.