Schools in Essex Seek to PowerUp Classrooms with Solar Panels

Eastwood Primary School and Nursery in Leigh want to install solar panels to power their classrooms. But they need your help…


What’s the idea behind solar panels for schools?


Like most good ideas, it is incredibly simple:

If every family who has a child at Eastwood Primary School puts in just a couple of quid, then the school would be able to install solar panels and make MASSIVE savings on their energy bill.

Not only that, but the school will even earn an income on renewable energy generated thanks to the government’s nifty Feed-In Tariff.

They’ll be able to plough their savings straight back into education, meaning more books and computers for the kids.

Can solar panels help schools to teach children about protecting the environment?

You bet they can!

Schools are where most children learn about how they can protect the environment through recycling and energy efficiency.

But they can also be a place where children can learn about energy efficiency, sustainability and solar power. By installing solar panels and cutting their carbon footprint, schools can be an inspiration for the next generation.

Do you want to know the best part…?

You can help your child’s school to cut their energy bill


The schools need to raise £8,000 by the end of the summer.

That’s a lot of money for a little school, but hardly anything if the cost is shared by the community.

Eastwood Primary has signed up to Solar Schools, which is a crowdfunding platform that has already put solar panels up on more than 20 schools across the country.

The children themselves have done plenty of fundraising already – including a cake sale, writing to local businesses and dressing up as rays of sunshine.

You won’t believe how cute their promotional video is!

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