Fracking and Renewable Energy

As you can imagine as a renewable energy company we are very much opposed to the reintroduction of fracking. Firstly there are the short term risks of a contaminated water supply and localised tremours, secondly and more long-term is the damage done to the renewable/green sector.

Yesterday it was announced by IGas that there maybe up to 170 trillion cubic feet of gas. We’re always pleased to hear about reductions in the cost of heating, after all that is our primary aim when installing a new heating system. However, our concern is the long term implications. Ultimately gas will run out, or at least start to become cost prohibitive. Without a strong well developed alternative heating costs will spiral.

Presently the UK is well positioned to react to a reduction in gas production. Renewable energies are now an advanced technology with an established reputation as a capable heating source. However this reputation is limited. Presently those interested in renewables are largely from the building sector, rural location or with a specific interest in green technology. We need to extend this market to the mainstream.

This is where the Green Deal should step in. However, presently most customers are only aware of the boiler replacement schemes. They are not aware that renewables are also available under this scheme. By not focusing more determinedly on renewable sources we run the risk of resigning them to the fringe of the energy market.

The opportunity now is to move renewables to the mainstream. How many people are aware that an air source heat pump is more efficient that the most efficient gas central heating system? With a focus on the short-term benefits of increase gas production we run the risk of leaving the long-term benefit of renewable till it is too late. So we say leave fracking, it’ll never help the environment or reduce heating costs long-term, and instead commit to a more energy efficient future.

If you’re interested in find out more about fracking, there’s a very clever website at: