Solar Impulse Lands in Pheonix

Here’s an interesting story going that’s playing our currently in the US; the Solar Impulse has landed in Pheonix

For those that are new to this story, the Solar Impluse is a solar powered plane that is currently winging it’s way across America with intentions to circle the globe. The current incarnation (the HB-SIA), a prototype, will travel across the US. The follow-on, the HB-SIB, will then take on the world.

The SIA prototype is an impressive plane, its weight is comparable to an average size car. It boasts an huge wingspan, equalling an Airbus A340. Resting atop the plane’s wings are 11,628 solar panels powering 4 brushless electric engines averaging just 8 horsepower each.

And so far things are going according to plan. Last week the plane arrived in Pheonix, US.

To get more info on the project and the plane’s current locate follow this link